No health bill in our stockings?

Doubts grow over Senate's Christmas deadline for health bill - TheHill.com

I'm glad to hear it, and not because I'm a bad Christian, as Joan M., an old (former) friend told me on OP Ave. some weeks back. I should read the gospels, she told me, convinced that Jesus would vote for this horrendous invasion of the private lives of Americans.

I would like to say I have asked Jesus and he said to stay my course of obstructionism, but I didn't ask him, because I already know what he would say, and it wouldn't be to "hire Ara" Parseghian (the fabulously successful Notre Dame coach), as the Virgin is said by waggish people to have told the Fatima visionaries in a secret message.  I'm sworn to secrecy in any case.

 In any case too, I'm with the majority, 51% per Rasmussen, and looking across the near-impassible divide at my former friend Joan, among the 41% who like the idea -- up from 38% just before Thanksgiving, by the way, its lowest ever.

Which, "followed by two weeks at 41%,"
marks the lowest extended period of support for the plan yet. With the exception of a few days following nationally televised presidential appeals for the legislation, the number of voters opposed to the plan has always exceeded the number who favor it.
 So what? They know what's good for us and may even have an inside track to what Jesus would say, though I doubt it.

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Anonymous said...

You too have former friends -- glad that I am not alone. Can't stand the smug assertion of shallow Catholics and others who are certain that socialism is the true manifestation of Christianity.